Compiling KiCad for macos High Sierra


I’m on High Sierra and want to compile stable relase.
I was able to compile unstable 5.99, but I always get same error while trying to compile for stable release 5.1.7

I use kicad-mac-builder to compile.
Some help will be much appreciated.

cd /Users/user/kicad-mac-builder/build/kicad/src/kicad && git tag -a 5.1.7 -m 5.1.7
fatal: tag ‘5.1.7’ already exists
make[2]: *** [kicad/src/kicad-stamp/kicad-update] Error 128
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/kicad.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [all] Error 2
Error while running make after rebuilding with a single job. Please report this issue if you cannot fix it after reading the README. argument summary:
build_type: Release
extra_version: None
footprints_ref: 5.1.7
jobs: 1
kicad_ref: 5.1.7
kicad_source_dir: None
macos_min_version: 10.13
packages3d_ref: 5.1.7
release: True
release_name: 5.1.7
retry_failed_build: True
symbols_ref: 5.1.7
target: []
templates_ref: 5.1.7
translations_ref: 5.1.7

What exact command did you use to build with?

Thank you for your response

./ --release --kicad-ref 5.1.7 --symbols-ref 5.1.7 --footprints-ref 5.1.7 --packages3d-ref 5.1.7 --translations-ref 5.1.7 --templates-ref 5.1.7 --docs-tarball-url --release-name 5.1.7

Well, the code seems to try to create that tag when adding --release-name, see

So you should really be using --release-name 5.1.7-high-sierra or whatever that does not match a git tag in the source. I hope this helps. Good luck, you may run in to other issues, but feel free to try it out.

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FYI - I use ‘Sierra 10.12.6’ (not 'High Sierra). I recently upgraded Kicad 5.1.5 to 5.1.7 (after known Footprint wizard problems with 5.1.6) using the DMG for 10.14 And Newer. No problems - works like it should…

Thank you very much nickoe for support !
This solved the problem and I was able to compile 5.1.7 unified package for High Sierra and up.

For those who need dmg file here is magnet link:

md5 df18c62651b38d8a79a3f330b44a1eeb


Thanks for compiling Tiberiu! I’m currently running high Sierra on my 2011 mac for stability reason, so it is much appreciated. However I have been unable to download it as there are no seeds. Could you upload it on another service, or seed for a while?
Thanks in advance.

Just started my torrent app. You may try now.

Just wondering why we cannot get this build hosted on the main servers

can reupload the file? please i try to compile with mach sierra 10.13.6 but nothing… please reupload the dmg file! the torren dont download

Please try now. I’ll keep torrent app open for a while.

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torrent program is open but dont start download, i leave the mac all the night… is maybe possible to upload the file on google drive or mega upload, thanks for the help i tryed many time to compile it but noting… nikoe help me to compile but dont work or if you can give me the exact command you used to compile.

Well, our maintainer gave up. 10.12 is past EOL so we don’t support it. 10.13 is EOL on November 30th at which we also say we don’t support it in short order. The maintainer was struggling to juggle Apple’s continued blockage of building for older systems while he himself works on newer ones. It wasn’t worth his limited time when he has the newer Apple created disasters to wrangle.

Unforunately, it’s not its safe to trust that build given by a third party, and I’m not saying they did anything wrong at all. But it wouldn’t be appropriate to host a package officially that wasn’t built by us.


This link will expire on 6. Nov. 2020

Torrent file for it
kicad-unified-5.1.7-10.13.dmg.torrent (25.3 KB)

great all work thankyou very much Tiberiu_Vicol


You are welcome, glad to help !

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5.1.8 for 10.13 and up

MD5 kicad-unified-20201110-174527-09f8efa9c.dmg = 1bdbe19ed15c200ea537afb7f9545fd4

This should work starting with 10.11

MD5 = 31b973b95d4ffbe9e3b75df27877fb59

Tiberiu Is it possible for you to send a new link?