Change Max Size of PCB

Hi ,

I have to design a very large PCB, around 2400mm x 600mm.
So in KiCad PCBnew I tried to change the paper size and here I get an Error message that the maximum PCB size is 1219.2mm x 1219.2mm. Is it possible to change that? Why is there a pcb size limit? KiCad version 5.1.2

All KiCad dimensions are stored as a 32 bit fixed point integer (1 unit is 1 nm) this means the largest value representable is 2147mm and the smallest is -2148mm.

The largest possible PCB you can make without running into any integer overflow problems is therefore about 4x4m assuming the board is centred around the origin. (This is much larger than any fab can currently produce.)

Please be more specific and tell what you actually did step by step. Paper size is different than pcb size, and trying to set large paper size doesn’t give that message (although trying to do it reveals a bug).

The paper size is not related to the board limit, so maybe best thing to do is to disable worksheet.

I would say that is not just very large, but huge. How are you planning to fabricate the PCB?

I can’t really think of a use case where the PCB could not be made of multiple pieces. Certainly the extra cost of connectors is a lot less than special fabrication facilities.

I think the practical limit in KiCad is about 1000x1000 mm. While you can define a large board outline, weird things start to happen. Eg. when you zoom in, some edges of the board go off screen, and you can’t scroll far enough to see them.

Thanks a lot, now it is working right.:slight_smile:
I disabled the worksheet and build my layout around the board center.

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