Can't start V6 Schematic - Invalid stoull argument

Hi, can anyone help. Just installed V6.0 onto my Windows 10 laptop. When I try to run Schematic Editor or Symbol Editor I get an error message pop up saying “Invalid stoull argument”. All other parts seem to run ok, e.g. PCB Editor, Footprint Editor etc. Previously had V5 which worked fine.

It’s a bug, it’ll be fixed in the next release (6.0.1).

In the meantime you can delete your preferences and start from scratch, which will avoid the problem (delete %APPDATA%/kicad/6.0/eeschema.json). Don’t import your v5 preferences if it prompts you – that’s where the issue stems from.

see also this thread: Cannot Open eeschema v6 (MacOS Mojave) - #14 by pseudolegolas

First of all, thank you for a quick response, and secondly, thank you again as the information was a great help.
Everything is now working great. :smiley:

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