Can't set board origin, to update coords? 7.0.1

Hi All,

New to KiCad and having a basic issue. Version 7.0.1

Watching a tutorial KiCad V6 - Tutorial - Changing the origins that suits you - YouTube

I was looking to set my Coords system to start at the top left of my board. Watching the tutorial, you press S then click where you want it to go. Then using properties you can set specific x,y coords relative to the top left of my board.

When doing this, my grid updates, but not the coords system, setting something to 0,0 position sets it top left of the worksheet.

In this image, you can see the Grid is set to top left of board, but seeting something to 0,0 sets it top left.

Is this a bug, or has a feature changed. I just want it to work like first part of the tutorial, 0,0 is the top left of my board, not top left of the whole page.


DOH worked it out. You need to change to origin and axis settings in preferences to do it this way.

See 6 hours ago initiated thread:

There is no direct answer to your question but may be it will help a little.

I didn’t know that changing origins was possible in V6. Really it was?

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