Cant save edited symbol in project library

I have created a project library for symbols and successfully added some that I downloaded. I need to add a symbol that doesn’t exist. I go to Symbol Editor and Create a new Symbol pointing to the project library I have created and give it a name. I want to start with a symbol for another similar part and edit it to make some changes and save it in my project library with a new name. Loading a the part to be copied from and making changes to it only changes that part, even though it says it has saved it under the new part in my project library. If I try to add a new part in Eschema and select that new part name all I get is the name, nothing else. I have tried exporting the part to be copied and then importing it and saving as a new name but that just modifies the original part. What am I doing wrong?

Select the part to be copied from
Right-click -> Save a copy as (also Duplicate works)

Now, modify the just created part as you wish

Tutorial: How to make a symbol (KiCad v5.1.x) section “Modify an existing symbol”

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