Cannot route in keepout area with DRC disabled

I have a board created in V4.0.3 that I have moved to V5.0
I need to do some changes to the board in an area that is designated as keepout.
When I try to route I get a warning ‘Cannot start routing inside a keepout area or board outline’
I have disabled the design rule checking from the icon (top left). It shows a message about settings for modern toolset and I have selected Allow DRC violations in the Interactive router settings.

It makes no difference, I still cannot route in this area even with DRC disabled.

A bug or am I missing something?

If you want to have traces inside of a keepout area then you can set it up to allow traces. (Keepout areas can selectively disallow zones, traces and vias.)


Please can you tell me where this is setup as I cannot find it.

The properties of the keepout area. (right click edit or shortcut e)

ok, thanks - yes that works - I would have thought it would be in the DRC but never mind.
One bizarre thing, in the properties I have F.Cu and B.Cu checked and all 3 options checked. When I uncheck Keepout tracks and click OK my exclude area for filled zones gets filled with the green B.Cu - now that is odd…

That would be a bug. Try to refill zones (shortcut b) if that still persists please report this as a bug.

Yes I can remove (CTRL-B) and refill zones no problem. Where do I report bugs?

I can’t reproduce the bug with the development code in Linux. If possible, reduce the problematic board to minimum where the problem is seen and give it here, I can test it. Or try with a fresh empty project and add just necessary items to see if you can reproduce it that way.


I get the same error message, but only when trying to tune track length. It doesn’t matter if DRC checking is enabled or not. What is even more weird, is the keepout-area is not on the same layer as the track being tuned.

As a new user, I cannot upload a sample design, so here’s a list of steps then:

Create an empty 2-layer design.
On top layer, put a keepout for tracks
On bottom, put a track going over the keepout on the other side, starting and ending outside it
Now try to tune (alt-7) the track length starting inside the keepout

You might want to report that one over at the launchpad bugtracker.

I have promoted you to Basic User, so please post a sample

Here you go (2.2 KB)

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