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I’m new to KiCad. I have a project created by a co-worker in which I can’t open any of the files in the project. When I attempt to view the schematic file a ‘Project Rescue Helper’ box appears with two components listed. See attached. I am uncertain how to proceed since I can’t view the schematic. If the parts listed are a problem, is there a way to by-pass the Project Rescue Box and open the schematic so I can at least view the circuit and correct the problem?

It looks like you may have non-functional work area view. Is the eeschema view empty with any project?

Make sure you have a backup, and work with a copy of your project as an insurance you cant break stuff further.

I see scrollbars in the “cached symbol” area. Can they make anything visible?

If you have the backup, and then proceed with [ OK ] does it get you to a state that makes sense? If it results in the schematic showing empty boxes with big question marks, it does not mean your schematic is “utterly broken”. It just means that KiCad can not find the graphical presentation for your schematic symbols. (Usually because of some library issue), and when the library issue is fixed, the symbols show up again.

What files did you get from your friend? the “[Project-Name]-cache.lib” is an important file and integral to your project. If both this file is missing, and the library setup on your system is different from your friends, then that is one reason the “Rescue” system can be triggered.

In KiCad V4 it was dependent on the external libraries for the schematic symbols. As a stop-gap method the “[Project-Name]-cache.lib” was added in KiCad V5, but the real solution is only now coming with KiCad-nightly V5.99, where all schematic symbols are cached in the schematic file itself.

Also see:

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I’m using KiCAD (5.1.5 ) - 3.

  1. Yes, I have a backup - thanks for the reminder.
  2. I have searched the ‘cashed symbol’ area. Nothing listed.
  3. When I select ‘ok’ in the ‘Project Rescue Helper’ box, a blank Eeschema page appears with a Microsoft ‘spinning circle’ which continues forever (I presume). I have to terminate KiCAD to gain control of the computer.
  4. I have the following files - all located in the same folder:

KiCAD Board (file type - no extension shown)
.pdf (listed for completeness)
KiCAD Project (file type - no extension shown)
KiCAD Schematic (file type - no extension shown)
-cashe.lib (-cashe added to file name)
-cashe (added to file name and listed as KiCAD Project file type)
-rescue.dcm (-rescue added to file name)
-rescue.lib (-rescue added to file name)
fp-info-cashe (full file name)
sym-lib-table (full file name)
sym-lib-table.dat (full file name)

Thanks for your assistance. It is greatly needed and appreciated.

First thing I would do is to tell your operating system to stop crippling file name extensions and show the whole name.

If you open another project, does it open normally, or do you then have a similar problem? What if you start a new project? Can you then start creating a schematic?

It’s possible you’ve triggered a bug in your old version of KiCad. V5.1.5 is over a year old now. Current version is V5.1.9 and that is 4 releases with bug fixes later.

If the problem has crept into your schematic. you can simply delete the schematic itself, and remove the “-bak” from the backed up schematic to replace it.

I think you called it correctly - either a program bug or installation error. I do have two other project files which do the same thing, but they are from the same person, sent at the same time, and I was unsure if the problem could have been replicated within each project.
If I attempt to open a new blank schematic I get the same response - the Microsoft ‘spinning circle’ takes over until Kicad is terminated.
Unless you have other suggestions, I’ll request an immediate upgrade install to ver 5.1.9. and try again. Thanks again.

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