Can I lock shapes on Footprints (while using the Footprint Editor)?

Can I lock shapes on Footprints?

Edit: The title was updated clarifying it if it was not crystal clear.


You need to place the shape (Graphic?) on the footprint in the footprint editor for that shape to remain in position on the footprint.

Each footprint design is such a small and focused task that it has never come to my mind that I would need item locking in the Footprint Editor. Now when you mention it, maybe some items may move accidentally when selecting and moving other items. But it has never been a problem for me. The PCB editor is a different story.

I feel people here in this forum are taking other users as novices, always. And this is starting to get annoying

I am Editing a Footprint.
Then, I add a Graphic to it.
Then I am adding other stuff, like pins, text, and maybe some other graphic details.
I am looking for a way of Locking Items “Inside” the footprint “while editing it.
So, a big shape that is over others does not get selected every time when I select things.

Actually, it might have a bug in the selection. Kicad used to have a way to select components that are not fully under the selection square (when selecting from one side) and another way to select components that are only completely inside the selection rectangle (when starting from the other side).

And this may not be working, maybe for layers User.Drawing, User.Comments or it is related to the graphics imported from a dfx file.

Did you choose the option to group imported shapes? If they are grouped, then the selection is always the whole group (and the size of the object considered for selection is the extents of the group). Try ungrouping your imported shapes if they are grouped and maybe it will work like you are expecting.

I chose to group, I think, I will have to check to make sure. But I don’t want to treat each bit of the dfx as a separate part. I just want to prevent selecting this graphic “group” when interacting with other objects.

There is no way to do that in the footprint editor.


Hastily written, generalised, questions are very easy to misinterpret.
Taking the time to write explicit questions will usually result in rewarding answers.

This from a few days ago was another fiasco.


:heart: haha, I don’t care about my own failures, I use them to improve (sometimes). I also report shit when I am actually busy, which means I don’t have time (clarifying since it was requested)… I also don’t care what you think about me too.

But I do care about the Kicad working fine. Sometimes it does not behave well… then I come here to discuss instead of going directly to Gitlab to add another load of work.

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