Bus refusing to connect to anything on only one subsheet

Hello, I am trying to make the schematic as shown below:

No matter what I do I cannot seem to get any pins (I’m not sure what they are called when they come out of sheets lol) of the “microcontroller” sub-sheet to connect to the two busses, even though the other sub-sheets connect just fine. Am I just missing something? Also, as an aside, is this going too deep into sub-sheets, it seems somewhat excessive in my attempts to stay organized.

Bumping this, I don’t think I actually changed anything, and I now have the error on different pins but its still Net * is graphically connected to bus * but is not a member of that bus. However when on the pcb it seems to be connected anyway?

It’s always pretty hard to judge a problem from only a picture.
The best way to get help is to add the problematic project (always attach the complete archived project from Kicad main manager–>File–>archive project).

As you are currently a new user it could be that you are not enabled to attach something. So you need to read some more threads until you become a “basic user” (see New Member Information).

At the end I try to guess something: do you have really used the “unfold from bus”-command to draw the connection between your nets and the bus?

I have it in a git repo, hoping that works well enough.

If you are asking if I used this feature, then no, I haven’t, I drew them manually should I use the feature?

Actually, using the “unfold from bus” feature worked, I didn’t realize the label needed to have the bus prefix attached, I’m still not understanding how it was making the connection with some pins but not others before and how the LED bus was bad in the first image, but is good now?

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’m still not understanding how it was making the connection with some pins but not others before

you connected the nets not with the bus, but the local labels created the connection. (guessed).

but is good now?

upload the project-archive. I have just seen that you advanced to basic user level - so you are allowed to upload a attachment.
Directly attaching a project-archive in a thread has two advantages:

  • for the readers (in this case: for me) it’s easier to download such a attachment instead of going to gitlab/github/other platforms. I’m not familiar with these and always have to figure out how to download such a project.
  • on gitlab/github the project can change anytime - nobody can be sure that the current project state represents the original question from your issue.
  • An attached project on the other hand is fixed - once uploaded one can be sure that project and question are matched.

so if you upload your project, I could look into your bus-definition

Ah that makes sense.

CANdela.zip (1.6 MB)

Personally I disagree with these statements but that is not relevant, so I uploaded the project anyway.

The attachement worked, thanks.
A (very short) view on the schematic showed a working connection from the root to the different subsheets.
I checked with the “highlight net”-command in the root-sheet and than cycled through all subsheets (the highlighting remains at sheet-switch).

Now really seeing this schematic I would answer to your side-quest:

  • how deep a schematic is nested depends on the designer (and his preferences / taste). So you will develop your own style over time.
  • For me this would be too much nesting - in the end you have only one integrated circuit with only some labels in the lower sheets (input, sd_card_interface, led_interface). I think this looks very modular, but reduces overview and understanding of the circuit.

alright fair enough, thank you!

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