BOM separator problem


I just tried to generate a BOM. I used the simplest method, described by Rene in a FAQ. Basically it works, but the csv format is screwed up. All the commas are replaced with semicolons, and the BOM looks like this. All the items are in column A. I used a text editor and replaced all the semi colons, and it’s fixed. See second picture.
Is there a way to configure the separator as a comma?




You can configure your spreadsheet software to recognize another character as separator instead.


Or you can try my scripts:

Use the .exe file in KiCad as same way as .py files.


It should not really matter which separator the file uses. You can configure it on import to excel or calc.

You did not state which bom generator script you used. Maybe there is a better one already included with kicad. (Or you might need one of the more powerful tools developed by the community.)

More info on how to use the bom generation stuff plus a list of a few scripts: How to create a bill of materials (BOM)?


I found bom_csv_* plugins are work great, other can cause issue to excel to open correctly.


I have exactly the opposite problem, excel recognizes a CSV file with a “;” separator, but if the separator is a “,” then gives me the result that you show.

I have 3 workarounds for this problem, the first one is to open the file an add the following line to the top of the line “sep=;” without the quotes, when excel tries to open the file it will use the “;” automatically as the separator.

The second approach is to change the file extension from CSV to TXT, this way, when you try to open the file in excel, the import dialog will be shown, where you can select the appropriate separator for the file.

Third approach is to edit the python script that generates this file to change the default separator from “;” to “,”.

I hope this helps you.


The provided python script default to “,”. He must use difference script, I would think.


Thanks for your replies. I didn’t know I could configure csv files. I thought it was “comma separated values” or something like that, and that it had to be a comma.