BOM Plugin (HTML)

Attached is a Hacked Default HTML BOM Plugin.

Using it:
Either Rename it and Drop it into the Dir where the other BOM plugins are OR, Keep the name BUT, move or rename the Default of similar name) to a safe location.

The BOM is run from Eeschema>Net> add Plugin, and follow the Documentation for completing the BOM Plugin process.

The Hacked HTML plugin is to my Preference (deleted Datasheet, Tool and Vendor. Added a Comments Input Multiline Textfield and tweaked format).

Naturally, seeing my additions may prompt you (and make it easier) to do your own Hacking to get what ‘you’ want…

Can also add a Box for dropping an Image of PCB into it.
Be Sure To Save the Webpage to keep your comments/etc

Images below:
Firefox view with Resized Window
Firefox Print(to PDF) as it would be printed without Resizing Window

Note: I did Not yet mess with fixing the Default text alignment, particularly the “Ref”…

Plugin: (3.0 KB)

------ Browser View ------

------Printed View------

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