Board outlines is malformed run DRC for full analysis

Board outlines is malformed run DRC for full analysis

Im doing a school project and deadline is due tomorrow and I need major help with routing the pcb , everything is clogged together from the schematic and free routing gives me an error, is there a way or a different plugin I can use?

The board outline has to be one continuous line . . . so no breaks. The corners have to meet exactly . . .
there have been many threads and posts about how to fix this, even one today.

@raptoruk im still having problems like figuring it out, do you think we could join a discord call and guide me kinda step by step on it? Thanks

If you want help, then start with picking a title that reflects the subject you want help for.

An “I need help” title instantly turns me off. It also makes it mode difficult for others who search this forum for answers to find useful information.

Then continue by attaching at least comprehensive screenshots of the schematic and the current state of the PCB, or attach the whole zipped project. Maybe we can push you forward bit by bit.

I doubt anyone would be willing to spend a night working as your private teacher. I once complied to moving to a private help discussion, and what did I get in the end? A hostile “bye bye kicad and the community” message. Never again. Although, I remember your feeling too well and feel sympathy.

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Don’t procrastinate next time.


Sorry but I work during the day and have a bit of a life in the evening.

Self help is always the quickest way . . . there is lots of info on this forum that covers the issues you will be having, you just need to learn a little about how to find it.

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