Alignment Issue with PCB Border Endpoints

"I’m facing an issue with aligning the endpoint of the border in the PCB layout. I’ve verified that the dimensions are correct. Any guidance on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Screenshot 2024-01-22 191515
Screenshot 2024-01-22 191455

The two yellow lines in your screenshot definitely don’t end in the same point, the darker, (unselected) line ends a little bit further to the right as you can see by the visible crescent shape in the corner. Make sure they’re properly aligned.

You might want to make the grid larger for easier alignment. If your board is rectangular, you can also simply use a rectangle for the outline.

  1. The endpoints of those wires don’t match. The normal way is to snap them together to make them match perfectly. An alternative method is to work on a coarse grid (for example 1mm for metric) which makes it easier to match endpoints.
  2. Why are your lines yellow? Are they on the right layer (Edge.Cuts)?

KiCad also has a PCB Editor / Tools / Cleanup Graphics. In KiCad V7 this is not of much use, but in the next version it will have an option to close outlines on the Edge.Cuts layer.