Bias Tee Simulation dbV doesn't add up


I’m trying to simulate a Bias Tee. I added the schematic on imgur:
(new forum member).
My goal was to have -6dB at 100kHz behind the capacitor (C1-Pad1, red graph).
I found the right capacity and then tried different inductivities. But only the dBV behind the inductor changed (L1-Pad1, blue graph) and not the red graph, when I tried different inductivities.
I added one plot with 5mH ( ) and one with 100pH (down below). There you can see that only the blue graph is changing.
What I expected to see, was two graphs that are together 0dBV. Because when the signal is partly going through the capacitor, the signal can’t be at 0dBv behind the inductor. But in the 100pH plot the signal is 0dBV at both points, behind the capacitor and behind the inductor from around 1,1 MHz. So when I have 2 times 100% of the signal at different points in the circuit, I’m clearly doing something wrong.

So please tell me if I’m reading the plot wrong or what else is wrong and what I should measure to get my results, thank you!

Not sure we’re on the same page, but do you realize that a 100pH inductor has a negligible impedance at 100kHz?

I think your expectations are wrong. An identical fixed voltage is applied to both the inductor branch and the capacitor branch. You’re expecting one branch to affect the other one when this cannot happen. Let me redraw an equivalent circuit of your original circuit to help you see the issue: