Best way to assign two designators to a single component/symbol/footprint?

I am designing a PCB for a raspberry pi CM4. I am using a symbol+footprint that does this as a single unit. For manufacturing I need to assign two of the same connectors to a single footprint, essentially turning them into two footprints.

I previously manually removed the cm4 footprint and manually added the 2x hirose connector footprints with before exporting the gerbers and place files which seemed to work, however this also looses all net information and theoretically completely messes up DRC since none of the wiring makes sense anymore.

Is there a way to turn this into two components without messing up the nets, or having to redo the schematic?

Single footprint which is actually 2x Hirose connectors from the point of view of the pcb manufacturer.

Any advice on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.

If understand well I suppose I would do 3 footprints.
One with holes and drawings at fab layer showing me exactly where to put two connectors that would be separate footprints.
At schematic I would use simple connector symbols adding extra pin information as a text or made special symbol for one connector and the second for second connector.

Yeah. I’m trying to avoid having to manually re-define the CM4 pinout on the schematic if it take apart the existing one. But I might have to duplicate it and make a left and right version…

The symbol i’m using has managed to show the two sides as separate symbols. But it’s still a single “unit” / “component”

Best I know, there is no way to assign two footprints to a single (multi unit) schematic symbol.

The simplest workaround is probably to put a second footprint on the PCB and lock it in place. Because the first connector already has all the pads, the second connector should not have any pads at all. Just some graphics to allow you to manipulate and align it.

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This discusses quite many details and possibilities.

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