Background Bitmaps OSX Kicad 7.0.10

I’m having a problems with scaling and deleteting picture on pcbnew.

I’m trying to reverse engineer pcb from a photo but I’m having a problems with scaling the photo to right size. I would like to insert a footprint and then scale the photo to right size but the footprint stays under the photo till I place the photo. Once the photo is placed I can’t resize it anymore. Also seems that I can’t delete the photo.

Is these things somekind of bugs or is it possible that there’s no features like that ?

I’m using mac version of Kicad 7.0.10

7.0.10 has image bug - either downgrade to 7.0.9 or upgrade to this release candidate (image works in this version… on my Mac)


Version 7.0.9 worked perfectly thanks!

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