7.0.11-rc1 - testers needed

Hi folks,

We have created a release candidate for 7.0.11, which is planned to be the last stable 7.0 version.

We’d appreciate some extra testing of this version, to make sure the final release is as good as possible.

Please check it out and report any issues on GitLab. Thanks!

Windows: https://kicad-downloads.s3.cern.ch/windows/stable/kicad-7.0.11-rc1-x86_64.exe
macOS: https://kicad-downloads.s3.cern.ch/osx/stable/kicad-unified-universal-7.0.11-rc1.dmg
Ubuntu: install from PPA for KiCad: 7.0 Testing Builds : “KiCad” team PPA


Good so far as I can tell (tested all features/tools that I use)… Thus, nothing to report on GitLab

NOTE: I don’t use .wrl for 3D so, I deleted all of the .wrl files and saved 1.3 Gig’s of file space.

Then, did Search&Replace (python code) to Bulk Change all of the Footprints in one-fell swoop (search for .wrl and replace with .STEP) over 13k lines were checked/changed(if needed) of them.

All is working - thank you Kicad developers…

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Installed on Ubuntu 23.10 and all looks good.

I see libocct has also been upgraded to 7.6.3

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@craftyjon installed on MAC. So far so good! - no crash (yet)

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I wanted to test whether the default for PCB Editor / File / board Setup / Design Rules / Constraints / Copper to edge clearance had been changed from anything but 0 and following the instructions on KiCad’s website for Linux Mint (sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kicad/kicad-7.0-nightly) (+ update + upgrade) did not work. I’m still on V7.0.10.

After that I:

  1. Renamed the config directory.
  2. Verified this issue still exists in V7.0.10.
  3. Started to create an issue / bug report for it.
  4. Discovered an issue was already created on gitlab for this.
  5. Added a comment to that issue (See below).

Edit: Deleted link to completely unrelated repository on gitlab. I just got lost on that one.

This issue was fixed already in the 8.0 release candidates but wasn’t pushed back to the 7.0 branch until today. It will be in 7.0.11 but is not in 7.0.10.

Also, the issue you link to is not for the KiCad project. The KiCad issue relevant is Copper-edge clearance is defaulting to zero rather than correct value of 0.5mm (#16032) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab

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Is there a way to install this RC, replacing 7.0.10? I realize its not a full release but I’d rather not muck with paths etc.

What OS are you on?

Now sure about Windows, but on Linux if you point your repo to the testing builds then 7.0.11 RC1 will install over 7.0.10 (As it’s a high version)

I’m guessing with Windows it will use the same path as 7.0.10 as it’s still on the 7.x track.

I’ll give it a try.