Back-annotation from a text file

is their anyone, did back annotation from a text file (not Kicad layout)?
thanks for helping.

What exactly do you mean by back-annotation in this context? What exactly do you want to achieve? Do you have some example file which you can show? And what’s your KiCad version?

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[Edit:] Oops, my fault.
The procedure below is to sync changes in footprints from Pcbnew to Eeschema, not for changing Refdes.

Can you do something with:
Pcbnew / File / Export / Footprint Association File

and then:
Eeschema / File / Import / Footprint Association File

Normally I do not bother with Back-annotation, but have Eeschema and Pcbnew open at the same time, change stuff in the schematic and sync the changes with [F8] to Pcbnew again.

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I don’t know if this will fit your needs: I wrote a Windows command line utility which takes a text file with a list of old => new reference designators (old/new tab separated, one line per old/new pair) and apply this list to Eeschema file(s) on KiCad 5.

You can find it here.