Augmented Reality Workbench Helps You To Debug Your Boards

This reminds me of the Interactive HTML BOM, but on steroids. This plugin adds cameras to analyze the physical PCB on your desk, and a beamer for cross highlighting locations on the physical PCB. There are also other additional functions such as for example projecting measured values on your desk.


And no wonder, because it uses the Interactive HTML BOM by @qu1ck !

Always cool to see how people can take an idea further or combine it with some other technology to make something unique.


For me it’s one of the main reasons for using Open Source software.

Yes, but I would like to see some over look of how things must be done and what should be done. Now the results seems a lot of fancy import and export filters and less work on basic PCB design.

may be in k v7 this job in the plugin could be automated using some code to get advantage of the new tool “kicad-cli” added by @marekr
here the discussion

it would be nice if your plugin could add the schematic beside pcb, as in ARDW…
selecting i.e. a chip, it will be highlighted on the list and on the schematic…
In many user case having the interaction between pcb & nets & schematics would cover 99% of the debug job, particularly for small lots.

Boardview already exists and does a better job of it.

what do you mean? is there also already available an eeschema view?

I mean various boardview software like

it doesn’t seem to connect pcb w/ schematic (or I miss something)…
I would like to have a tool when selecting a chip it will highlight the correspondent eeschema chip…
Moreover your HTML ibom is an interactive jewel which uses only a browser

It does show schematics and allow crossprobing.

There is also if you want web.

There will be no schematics in ibom until eeschema has an api. Even then it probably should be a separate tool, debug use case and assembly bom use case are very different.

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ok, thanks I will try it

it requires registration…

looking forward to see your next tool! :smiley:

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