Atmel library atmega2560 error

I was wondering why it was so hard to link the 2560 to the tqfp-100 footprint and realised that pins 61 and 62 are missing from the symbol, so CvPcb is looking for a 98 pin part.
These pins are a VCC and GND.
It would be useful if the library editor was aware of the expected number of pins and gave a warning on undeclared pins.
I have also managed to mis-number pins in my own symbols, resulting in missing pins and duplicated pins with different names and ended up with some strange connection errors. Why is having two pins with the same pin number allowable?

Report issue (or better: prepare a fixing pull request) to the GitHub library guys Someone will take care of it.
(ps. These are symbols which I made, but I’m not an active maintainer anymore.)

IMO this is the problem of CvPcb algorithm not library editor. Remember that some devices have not connected (not internally bonded) pins.

The library editor validation check easily detect such situations:

Duplicate pin 2 "P3.7" at location (1,150, 0,700) conflicts with pin 2 "(RXD)P3.0" at location (1,150, 0,100).

But, it must be started manually.

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I made the misstake of being unaware of this feature in the beginning.

I could very well be invoked as part of save.

I have just registered with GitHub and will now have to figure out how to pull.

I have found that CvPcb has problems if there are unused pins, there was a recent post here about the 6 pin 4n25

where pin 3 is unused. I find that KiCad works much better if ALL pins in a footprint are in the schematic symbol, even if marked invisible and NC.

I was not aware of the validation and will have to look for it. I tend to agree with Nicholas that this should run on Save. It would spot numbering reuse
A declaration at the start of the symbol library entry to know how many pins there are, would also solve another issue I have seen, where multi-unit parts don’t call appropriate footprints by number of pins if one of the units is not connected

Create fork, clone it to your local machine, edit atmel.lib, commit your changes to your fork, create a pull request.

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Thanks, I have followed this and hope I have done it correctly.
GitHub has a confusing interface