No footprint for 4n25 library element (DIP-6)

Hi there.

I did search for this but no clue.

I have installed the Kicad from the PPA on Ubuntu 14.04. I am on 4.0.2-4+6225~38~ubuntu14.04.1-stable (shame no easy way to copy paste the version BTW). I did the following:

cleared my .config/kicad directory and removed the .kicad* files from my home directory.

  1. Started a new project and added the 4N25 optocoupler.
  2. Tools -> annotate schematic
  3. Tools -> generate netlist file
  4. Tools -> assign component footprint
  5. The window shows saying:

Some of the assigned footprints are legacy entries (are missing lib nicknames). Would you like CvPcb to attempt to convert them to the new required FPID format? (If you answer no, then these assignments will be cleared out and you will have to re-assign these footprints yourself.)

If I say “Yes”, I see DIP-6 assigned to 4N25 but it is invalid. I can say “No” but that means I am not able to find a footprint for this element.

What am I doing wrong?

The Housings_DIP has two DIP-6 footprints to choose. So, answer “No”, clear CvPcb filters and use one from this library.

Thanks. It worked.

I had a filter for the pin number. I wonder why that did not match it… Maybe that’s a problem of 4n25 element.

The 4n25 schematic symbol only has 5 physical pins, pin 3 is missing. This may be confusing the filter