Assign footprint to symbol removes symbol


after spending few hours on making both footprint and symbol and saving all i put my new symbol in eeschema and before i connect any components i try to assign it to footprint, symbol that was complete with all pins and names suddenly changes to square with ?? in it and some error apears. how convenient.

oh yeah it doesnt matter if software is free, it does not appear stable enough for serious use.


Well it’s good that at least you say “it does not appear to be stable”, however in answer to your question can I ask you, did you bother to read up all on how
to save your own symbols & footprints, the answer to your wuestion is in that text.



This links should get you started:

Basically almost anything written by @Rene_Poschl should be read if you are a beginner


Some kicad versions have a bug that could be responsible for what you see. Save your schematic (yes scary with the question marks i know) and close kicad. Then open it and check if that fixed it. If that is the case then you expirienced this bug. You should also check if you are on the lates stable version (5.1.4)

If this does not fix your troubles try to use a symbol from the system libs and see if it behaves the same way. If not check what the difference between the way you save the lib is.

Also do you get any error message when opening the schematic? If so what is the message?


All software has bugs; KiCad is no different.

However, KiCad developers are very serious about fixing bugs that cause real usability problems and typically do so in a very short period of time.

DOH! Just realised the OP was 3D and not 3H… poster is likely long gone.


thanks, will try that in few days maybe if i find time. since i post this issue here i already finished 2 pcbs in other software so please dont mind my low drive to actualy try again if ever…


well even forum reply dont work right xD