Assign Footprint don`t include footprint and rename element to #U01

I read it Assign footprint to symbol removes symbol. But I cant understand, why [Assign Footprint] is excluding element and rename in schema from U1 to #U01. it is my first project extension_mb1136. some idea??

Has the symbol the “this is a power symbol” flag set in its settings (see section about power symbols in Tutorial: How to make a symbol (KiCad v5.1.x))

May by my explanation is wrong. the general reason is [Assign footprints] rename U1 to #U01 and this element does not appear in foot print list and as a result does not appear in the PCB designer


The “#” sign is telling kicad that the symbol in question is not meant to be part of the PCB. It is automatically added to the refdes if the symbol is configured as a power symbol. So … read the first response again.

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Thank you very much. the reason is.

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