Altium to KiCad PCB net error

Hey, I just convert my Altium project into KiCad.

But when I convert I got some track/Net which is shown in the image.

How can I remove that unwanted net I don’t know Why that happens I already read the netlist again but it is still shown as net I am not able to delete it.

Altium is 4 layer PCB board.

Maybe just drag a box around it and press the [Del] key?

But don’t be to quick and delete random things, have some black coffee first.

Then take a closer look at what is actually on your screen and if it can be safely deleted, or if you need some other action. Take a good look at where those ratsnest lines go to. It may just be a small copper track segment, but it could be something important.

I have no experience with the Altium importer, and it’s probably hidden for good reasons, so don’t expect flawless results.

As an alternative, It may be a good Idea to combine the schematic from the altium importer, with back-imported Gerber files. That way you can compare the “real” netlist with the netlist that is implied in the copper tracks in the Gerber files by running a DRC in Pcbnew. I recently wrote a tutorial for this (which I steel need to revise, so it’s a bit rough)

In addition:
I can see your “items” tab here:

… but the “layers” tab seems more interesting. I see no copper tracks at all, are the copper layers turned off, or are the not imported properly from altium?

It also looks as if part of your PCB is shifted or mirrored. Did the importer do that, or did you do that yourself?

Yes I already try to drop and delete it also Turn ON and OFF layer I am not able to solve that issue.

Its 4 Layer Altium to KiCad conversion.

Can you support how can i remove that unwanted Copper net.

I can not see what it is from a screenshot. I can only see that “something” is not right.

If you zip the whole KiCad project and post it here, then I (or someone else here) can have a closer look at it.

The FAQ article I mentioned of Reverse engineering gerbers into a KiCad project is also a viable workaround. It works quite good, and it’s also pretty quick, especially if the schematic extraction from Altium works properly.

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