Altium : Blanket directives (Netclass zones)

Altium has the ability to associate a zone as a netclass
(See: ‘Using a Blanket to Apply a Directive to Multiple Nets’).

They call these zones blanket directives.

Does KiCAD have anything like this?

No, as far as I know, KiCad does not have this.

The method of assigning a net to a net class in KiCad has changed quite a lot in the transistion from V6 to V7. It used to be a list of static names, handled outside of the schematic, and in V7 it has changed to three separate ways to combine nets and net classes.

  1. A rule based system in which you can use wildcards (and maybe even complete regular expressions) to put nets in a net class.
  2. A net class directive (label) you can put on a net to put it in a net class.
  3. A label can be extended with a net class name.

KiCad does have: Schematic Editor / File Schematic Setup / Project / Net Classes This is where you can enter the rules, and you can also assign colors and line widths to specific net classes.

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There is already a gitlab-issue open which found some interested discussion, but as far as I know nobody is working on that feature.

@mf_ibfeew could you please point us towards the the issue? I tried finding it but couldn’t.

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