All text suddenly bold?

Has anyone experienced all text suddenly going bold? All text objects (text strings), labels, and hierarchical labels on all sheets of my schematic suddenly became bold when I opened the schematic. Everything was fine when I last saved and closed the schematic. Symbol values are not affected.

This has happened twice now on different projects, but they are parent/child schematics so it may be something specific to the design that was carried over?

I was able to open up each page and use a regex to identify the text with a trailing ‘10’ like:
Text Notes 6150 7450 0 50 ~ 10

Text with normal font ends in a zero so it wasn’t too hard to find and correct. But it was annoying. And doubly annoying that is happened again.

The computer that showed this issue is still running KiCad 5.1.0 because none of the bugfixes seemed to be germane to this issue and 5.1.0 was working fine except for this problem, but it’s possible there was a bug that made text bold on save which has been corrected since 5.1.0 was released. I haven’t seen this happen on any designs I’ve worked on using my computer with 5.1.5 installed. I will update the 5.1.0 computer to 5.1.5 after fixing the bold text to see if this problem happens again.

I can’t share the schematic and I also can’t find any issues on GitLab or topics here that seems to pertain to text suddenly going all bold. But maybe my searching skills fail me. Perhaps somebody has come across this or has some information?

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Sounds like, which was fixed in 5.1.1.


Thanks all for the information! My searches weren’t adequate, it seems.

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