About how to create ARC pad footprint

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I’m trying to create an RF testpoint like this:

I have looked through this article : Creating round (arc) copper planes [SOLVED]

And I got an idea is to create the arc with Graphic Arc, and turn it into copper (F.Cu) and mask (F.Mask) layer.

But the problem I didn’t solve is how to connect the arc to a Pad number ?

Shall I insert some “real” pads in Kicad into it ?

Is this a right / working way ?

Looks ok, next test is to confirm you can route to the pins, & DRC by generating a netlist from SCH, or swapping for an existing routed 2 pin part.

There seems to be a bogus pin 7 in the mix ?
You do not have to use that many Pin 2, unless you want more freedom over possible entry angles.

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thanks for reply, @PCB_Wiz,

Yes, Pin 7 is a miss to change to Pad 2.

Thanks for your recommends

Yes, just place a real pad at the point where you want a trace to connect to the arc. Keep in mind that the arc is probably invisible to the DRC; I know the DRC will now see text on copper but I think glyphs like arcs and lines are still invisible.

Some work is being done on custom shaped pads, so hopefully some time in the future you will be able to create such pads in kicad without using tricks.

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