6.0.3 release date


Is there a projected release date for 6.0.3? I need to start something and can’t use 6 with one of the bugs in 6.0.2 so will have to use 5 but would rather wait a day or two if I can go straight into 6.

Tomorrow (2022-03-15) per


As always your operating system may vary / lag by a few days

Thanks. Thought it would soon.

which means that we will have to have all of the repos tagged by March 13th

I see no such tag yet — expect a longer wait, I think.

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Except nightlies going toward V7 there are also nightlies of current stable version. If bug is fixed then you need not to wait for next stable release.

Direct link:

Thanks, Ill see how they go.

6.0.3 is tagged now and 6.0.4 work started
The latest Testing is only one commit short

This means though that once you are on this nightly build you are stuck and cannot go back to the main stable release when it comes out and if you publish the projects only people on the nightly releases can use it.

The nightly stable version mentioned by marekr above, and the released 6.0.x-versions should be compatible without issue.

Nightly stable version means that bugfixes after the last released minor version (now 6.0.3, a few days ago when the thread was started it was 6.0.2) are included.

(IF you have the 6.99 development branch the file formats are different and can’t (easily or losslessly) be opened by stable 6.0.x.)

I don’t like to refer to the daily Testing 6.0.x build as a Nightly to avoid confusion with the experimental Nightly 6.99 series.
There is already a Windows 6.0.3 installer in “Previous Releases”

Installed KiCad 6.0.3 for windows (yes the link isn’t there yet at the download page but modifying the 6.0.2 link to 6.0.3 works…). Having lots of problems with it, updating PCB from schematic is broken. Switched back to 6.0.2 and everything functional again.

Maybe the hidden 6.0.3 version is not the proper one yet?

I did get it to update the PCB properly. I had to save the schematic and reloaded the immediately update.

If you load a schematic and run the rules checker then no problems. If you do the slightest edit the rule checker gives errors, every edit adds more errors. Sometimes just running the checker again gives a higher number each time.

If the PCB is updated then traces that correspond with the errors are given in the schematic error check appear. Save the schematic and reload then update the PCB and all seems fine.

What this usually means is that as the schematic is loaded it is parsed and processed to produce a lot more data for quicker access. The edits are not updating this or forcing a reparse or corrupting the intermediate data in some way. The location of the errors didn’t seem related to the location of the edit.

it looks like 6.0.3 is very broken, disconnecting pins and breaking nets apart. This seems to have happened very recently, slightly older testing versions aren’t affected by this bug.

I take a bit of that back it does seem to be related to where the edits are performed. Doing undo does not fix the problems.

FOOTPRINT.SetLastEditTime(self) seems missing in Python…

If you do have problems with 6.0.3 and don’t want to roll back to 6.0.2, you could try version kicad-6.0-testing_r26200.826096790d from https://downloads.kicad.org/kicad/windows/explore/6.0-testing. This one doesn’t seem to be breaking pin and net connectivity in my tests.

The 6.0.3 that was available is no longer.

6.0.4 has been tagged and 6.0.5 development started
Looks like 6.0.3 caught a critical bug

What he is describing there is what I described above. He is just seeing it after updating the PCB after doing an edit. I always run the Eletrical Rules checker before updatingthe PCB, which is why I’m catching it in the Schematic Editor.