5.1: .lib and .dcm files. Do I need both?

I’ve been perusing the Eeschema libraries, both the standard ones and my own (which are based on editing the standard libraries).
The purpose and content of the .lib files is clear to me. But the .dcm files only seem to contain datasheet links (which are often out of date when a supplier changes the web site). I don’t need the links.
I suppose .dcm means “documentation”?
Can I delete the .dcm files, or rather, ignore them when copying libraries using a file manager? Or do they have a further function?


a 5.1 symbol library is both files. You’re correct about DCM meaning documentation.

If you don’t copy the DCM files, you will lose the documentation. I believe that the library will otherwise still function but don’t quote me on that; you can try it and find out.

(maybe goes with out saying, but in v6 you only have a single .kicad_sym file which contains all the info)

…and V5-V6 migration is a one-click operation.

Not for me. But the weekend is coming up, and I’ll have time to waste to try a 5.1 → 6.0 upgrade attempt once again.

Thanks, I’ll experiment with removing a .dcm file and see what happens.

Oh! Just a thought: will the “one-click operation” work if the .dcm files are missing? Suspense is mounting here.

Good question. No idea…
But I assume: no.

Correct assumption! :slightly_smiling_face:

You will need to keep the DCM files to continue using 5.1.x
DCMs are not needed when converting 5.1.x files to 6.0.x format, however, 5.1.x projects cannot be opened with 6.0.x formatted libraries.

“Migrate Libraries” is a bit of a misnomer as the 5 (schem.lib) library is left intact in your OS folder and a new 6 (schem.kicad_sym) library appears underneath.

In your case, because of the difficulties you appear to be having, I’d suggest making a copy of your libraries with your file manager and use that copy (with or without the DCMs) to convert to 6 format.

Note: 5 projects will be automatically saved in the 6 format after being first opened in 6 then “saved”. A pop-up will mention this.

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