5.1.5 coming soon


Now it’s a good time to help testing the 5.1 branch nightly builds (“jenkins” testing builds) from https://kicad-downloads.s3.cern.ch/index.html?prefix=windows/testing/5.1/ to find crashes and push the release further in the future :slight_smile:

This time there will be a RC (release candidate) and a freezing period first to make sure there won’t be any newly introduced problems when the final release is tagged a bit later. In the past one release had to be skipped because a new critical bug crept in unnoticed with last moment changes. Now there won’t be last moment changes unless (older) critical bugs are found and fixed within the freezing period. But this means that the RC still needs testing to make sure there aren’t critical bugs, so go ahead and try.


Still this branch available to Ubuntu 16.04?

You should read another ongoing mailing list thread “Minimum Boost version”.

The Boost thread is only applicable to the master development branch (future v6). The 5.1 branch will remain on the older Boost version.

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Please wait until todays Jenkins build and I test it. Something broke when the build system was updated recently and you cannot do anything with a zone without a crash

What build number is that?

440 is the first with the bug fix, but I have not been in WiFi coverage to fetch it yet to test it.
These daily builds are too big

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Yeah, we are waiting for @nickoe accepting the patch by @qu1ck here: https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-winbuilder/pull/86

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Jenkins-440 64 bit seems fine after a quick check.
It seems a fixed pattern that after months of rock solid stability a critical bug pops up just before a release freeze. Probably developers rushing commits to grab the cycle


Jenkins-442 is RC1
This is worth trying

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Yep, I’ve been using it quite a bit the last two(2) days with only one quirk.

My mouse-wheel zoom got Hyper Sensitive in PcbNew one time. Only two clicks for full zoom from one extreme to the other; and it wasn’t the mouse as Escheema was also open and the mouse function there was normal. Closing and reopening PcbNew resolved the issue.

Still using 440 without any known issues.


I’m using 448 now to keep testing and no problems found

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5.1.5 final has been tagged in git repository. Packages should be available soon.


js-reynaud PPA has had 5.1.5 for a week now, is there any particular reason why the other OS builds lag behind?

There are two windows builds on the KiCad server, two versions of ngspice

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Why there is no linux flatpak version?

Flatpack is not one of the officially supported options (There are 4 official linux options: Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Arch). It is provided by some volunteer outside the core team so it is to be expected that it can sometimes take some time till it is released. (Or you know the volunteer that provided it moved on in live)

Packaging is done by volunteers, not by the development team. As far as I have understood, packages for the officially supported platforms are waited for before releases are announced. Not others. So, nobody has done it.

Unfortunately it’s a problem that we list them on the website which just sets false expectations for users :confused: I removed one distro from the website recently because they haven’t updated from the 5.0.x series for over a year.

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