5.1.5 coming soon

Isn’t that more logically to only focus on flatpak and left every other linux version. since it supports every linux!?

Flatpack is a nice addition that can increase the number of systems that can use kicad but really should not replace full integration in the distributions official repos. (As an example: a fedora user can out of the box use their normal package manager to install kicad. They can even just install the electrical engineering package and have kicad as part of it. For flatpack the same user would need to already know about both kicad and flatpack.)

I personally prefer every application in snap or flatpak instead of Ubuntu distribution, since it just download dozens of small modules(packages) and it’s messy, it applies pressure on my mind! (I have seen you in many post, our community should and I think is proud of someones like you, thanks in advance)

The many small packages are just hidden in flatpack. They are still included. (I have too little experience with such systems to be of more use here.)

It’s also a sad fact that flatpak packages aren’t often as well integrated to the rest of the system. And you need to be aware of file system access restrictions etc.

Yes but they are independent and isolated, like complete separate app. which minimize vulnerability. I have little info too!

There are pros and cons. But they won’t be replacing native packages. Everyone can choose. And of course they may be even the only alternative for systems which don’t have native packages, so it’s good they exist.

What are native packages?

For debian based systems (example ubuntu) the .dep packages, for redhat based systems (example fedora) the .rpm packages. These packages are distributed on a number of servers managed with repository lists. The details differ per packaging system. (I would say the packaging system is the core difference between different linux distros so i selected my distro based on which such system i like most.)

Or put differently: Native packages are the ones that you use if you open the “install software” gui (or on the command line apt or dnf or …)

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