5.1.4 coming soon (5.1.3 got skipped because of a bug)


Wayne said in https://lists.launchpad.net/kicad-developers/msg41442.html that 5.1.3 will be released soon. There will be quite many bugfixes so if you have encountered any bugs in a previous release it may be beneficial to update as soon as it comes available.

One way to find out what is changed is to use milestones in the bug database:


although there may be even more which didn’t have this milestone in the database. There are over 100 bugs listed!


I have been using the pre-5.1.3 for months now, it is usefully more stable than 5.1.2


Same here.
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Hi all
Noob question:
in order to update it do I need to uninstall the installed version and install the new one?


It depends of your OS (I think in Windows, it is recommended). In Linux, at least, the package manager control overwrite and replace the old versions.


Overwriting works on Windows unless your anti-virus detects it as suspicious activity (Trend does this)


Be aware that the windows installer will overwrite your settings files unless you deselect that option in the installation routine.
This affects colors, folder settings, library setups, etc. pp.

And as a personal point of reference (windows 7, 64bit), I just install the new version over the old one all the time, done so for years. Only pitfall to look out for is the aforementioned settings option during install if you want to keep your old settings.


Is this new? Because that is not how I remember it from discussions on the mailing list nor from personal experience. Otherwise v4 to v5 updates would not require resetting lib tables. (Just to be clear i am talking about the user settings found in the user profile. Not about the library files that live in c. The later are of course updated and any changes done to them by the user will be lost. Which is why they are read only by default.)


The installer doesn’t let you choose whether to use the old settings or not. I’m talking about settings found in Preferences etc. and the global library tables. KiCad just blindly uses the existing settings, whether they are compatible or not. They aren’t overwritten, they are used as they are.


Hi. Is there any download link for 5.1.3 prerelease or we need to wait for official rellease because I need to design circle based boad and 5.1.2 version has annoying bug with that you can’t route the PCB with that shape.




Which seems to have not been updated for a few days for some reason and there has been an interesting commit to do with self-intersecting polygons


5.1 branch has seen last commit 7 days ago, so it might make no sense to update images. Just speculating.


Wow. That suggests to me that the written code for KiCad must fill volumes!


OT, but KiCad currently has ~625,000 lines of code. At 25 lines per page, 500 pages per book, this works out to only 50 volumes of light bedtime reading. :wink:


Er no?


After I successfully designed my first pcb I was ‘so’ excited…:hushed:
An awful lot has gone into making KiCad what it is. To all the people who have worked on it…Thank you.


Was different this morning when I posted my message. It might have been me or it might have been the cloud (I recall that launchpad was down these days so it might not push the code to github)


I have had no trouble seeing the list daily, it looks like you must have been viewing a stale cached page.

Still no build since the 14th


It was what I experienced ‘years back’ with v4 and maybe v5.
Struck me twice and since then I always deselected those options and never had a problem again…

If that’s not a common occurrence for other users who let those options activated I can at least feel special :wink: