3d shapes, where to find them


hi, i’m looking for a 3d shape of an 44 way card edge connector like the one in this ebay listing

where would be my best bet to find it as a wrl file or something that i can import and save as an wrl without to have starting from scratch?


found a straigt one here: https://grabcad.com/library/card-edge-slot-connector-1

will see if i can find a right angle one and then i think i will have a go at freecad and the stepup tools

Q: if i have a wrl file for say a resistor, how do i edit that to include color rings?


That’s a separate topic and opens a can of worms or the box of Pandora… depends on your viewpoint :wink:

Try a forum search for ‘resistor 3d models’ … @maui , @Shack and someone else had a go at them, but they are a PITA as currently there is no way to control the colored rings via the actual value from the schematic.


One at a time, I guess


hehe, i would be happy editing and saving 3d models for each value i need

but yeah using the value in the schematic would be optimal, but it would need to know how many rings and that opens up for value like temp coefficient etc


Looked at the thread and it seems quite “dead”, but will go through it again


hmm, i have asked the creator on github how a dummie like me would generate a wrl for a given value resistor.

i can live with that as i only have to create them once for the project i have going


anybody knows how i use https://github.com/KammutierSpule/kicad3Dmodels/ to generate models? with kicad in some way?

i know i raised an issue there but i could close it again


No, it is not possible to do that with KiCad.
You just have to use the generated files as you regular do with KiCad like any other WRL file.

Hello, I am the creator.
Please check the project and on the documentation: have a look at “Download pre-generated”. See if you can find already the value you are looking for.

Yeah I was not expecting it to last long and stay always with a fresh discussion.
in fact, you are the first person I know interested on use it.
If you have more questions or suggestions please follow it on that original thread.


It sounds like an easy job for a Python script to scan the pcb file and attach the right models…the script could maybe also create new models as they are needed (and keep a cache) so you wouldn’t need to generate a huge set of files.


its easy if you know how and have the skills :smiley:


I might have a look while watching the football. Força Portugal!


i know its just eyecandy but i want my board to be represented somewhat more correct than just a beige resistor

its no rush, just had to fire it all off before it turned to fumes in my head


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