3D new library for Mechanical CAD exporting and enclosure design


and growing again! thx @hackscribble :smiley:
PR #43


Hey People

I’ve attached a script to add all footprints within a folder to a board file, not sure if this is the right place to add it but it’s at least pretty useful for testing 3D models
how to use it for linux:
cd to folder with the script
python pretty_to_kicadpcb.py /outputpath/outputname /librarypath/libraryname.pretty/
python pretty_to_kicadpcb.py /home/shack/Diode_testing /home/shack/GIT/Diodes_SMD.pretty/
afterwards you can use the spread option to spread all the footprints
Maui had a similar script but was .bat based :slight_smile:
pretty_to_kicadpcb.py (3.4 KB)


added some more SMD diodes, hopefully finish the last ones tomorrow


Hey people
does anybody know what datasheet was used for D_0603, D_0805 and D1206 footprints?
Im having trouble finding some reference material for these footprints in order to make some new models
the ones I found so far:

this one:

and another kind:

any suggestions?


You can look also at vishay:



looks good except its 0.60mm long according to the datasheet (unless im reading it wrong)




did some checking, the footprints are from here http://datasheets.avx.com/schottky.pdf
not the models I was hoping to do -.-’
I could probably add an optional pinmark to the concave resistor script to make these models


Case: 1206 / 0805 / 0603


added support for concave pins on QFN packages, this should hopefully be sufficient for these models
Ill add all the parameters tomorrow :slight_smile:

anybody feels like making the 3 missing footprints? :stuck_out_tongue:


finished the Diodes_SMD 3d models and added the D_2010, D_2114 and D_3220 footprints


With those new concave pins … would you be willing to make the 3D symbols for LCC-packages?

I can then make the footprints …



Sure thing, but I think I’ll add the different pintypes to the molded QFN generator and use that one instead


the SOT library is coming along quite nice with the new models :slight_smile:


hey Peeps

added a few extra things to my place-all-components-within-a-library-to-a-board scipt
pretty_to_kicadpcb.py (3.7 KB)
the input folder needs to end with .pretty
it will add the library name to each component so you can use the “update footprints” option in PCBnew
if this is useable for other purposes it might make sense to add to the kicad-library-utils repo? (@SchrodingersGat)

Put all footprints on a board - Python Script?

Hey everybody I got in touch with Freecad main librarian and he agreed to relicense all his models to be compatible with the KiCad library. Also he is going to discuss with the rest of their team regarding relicensing the complete FreeCAD-library.
I have started to pick out which models are useful for us and are aligning and scaling them :slight_smile: This one of from FreeCAD-library (I changed the length of the button to make the 3 variations) A PR to our lib has been made :slight_smile:

Also a PR has been made for the new scripted radial capacitor models


Nice to see that also FC library will have the same license for 3D models! Thx @Shack for your great work!
Maurice :smile:


indeed :smiley: you welcome and you too :slight_smile:


Hey guys :slight_smile: the last part of the Capacitors_THT library has now been ported to CQ and a PR has been made for the offical libs. in case some are not aware a new 3D model repo has been made which is gonna replace the old one. The new repo only accepts correctly scaled WRL/STEP pairs, and with the proper material properties for WRL. This means we have the biggest baddest library out there for both realistic renderings and mechanical integration! how awesome is that.
amongst other these libraries has already been fully ported to the new library:

  • Resistors_SMD (single and arrays)
  • Capacitors_SMD
  • Capacitors_Tantalum_SMD
  • Capacitors_THT
  • Displays
  • Housings_BGA
  • Housings_DFN_QFN
  • Housings_DIP
  • Housings_QFP
  • Housings_SOIC
  • Housings_SON
  • Housings_SSOP
  • Pin_Headers
  • TO_SOT_Packages_SMD

please note these one were only the ones FULLY ported, alot more models have been made (almost 2000)

Thank you everyone for this great accomplishment!
and a huge thanks to @maui for the generator framework and Stepup tool, which made this change possible :slight_smile:


Very nice models … CQ script Kudos :smiley: