3D new library for Mechanical CAD exporting and enclosure design


and again :wink:
PR #1182 @hackscribble


Wow guys you are on fire lately.


I hope they don’t go supernova… :sunglasses:


@hackscribble Those are connectors are awesome! :smiley: which others have you planned to make? :slight_smile:


There are a couple of other Molex series that I may do to fill gaps where there are symbols in the library but no 3D models: MicroLatch 53253 and 53254, NanoFit, Sabre 43160.

But my next job is for a part I need for a project: MPL115A1 pressure sensor. Much smaller and easier :slight_smile:


Hmm in that case I might add the molex Clikmate and Duraclik footprints to the libraries :stuck_out_tongue: Hehe
Thanks for your great work :slight_smile: really nice to have more people joining in :slight_smile:


That was fun… :grin:

Module_LGA_5.0x3.0_NXP-MPL115A1.stp (331.7 KB)
Module_LGA_5.0x3.0_NXP-MPL115A1.wrl (354.8 KB)


Beat me to it - and better than the one I just produced :wink:

Are those in the KiCad library?


I dont think any of Joan’s models are in the official libs. she gave me permission to add them, but I haven’t had time to align them etc.


can anybody help me find the datasheet for the footprint called: “BGA-9_3x3_1.6x1.6mm_Pitch0.5mm”
the one in the modelinfo is not the correct (its the bga-16)


Does this help?



How did you know I added the part right now to my schematic and was about to do a 3D model myself :slight_smile:. Spares me some work. Thanks.


I started from a BOSCH BMP280 housing, just had to change some dimensions and the new model was ready - parametric modelling - you gotta love it. Next best thing after scripted modelling - my hat is off to you guys, you do amazing work on that front!

PS: I’m all man. Sorry to bust some dreams there boys :wink:

PPS: most of the stuff I made some time ago is up on Github, but feel free to use where ever you see fit. The stp/vrml files all have the copyright as per @maui in them right at the start.
Footprints/symbols I only have for things I need myself and not according to KLC, so not that useful to upload in most cases.


@1.21Gigawatts thank you sir!

@Joan_Sparky my bad! you would make a pretty badass girl though :stuck_out_tongue:


just finished the BGA parameters :slight_smile:

not sure what the hell is up with this one though


thx @Shack
PR #41 done for BGAs :smiley:


finished my first generator (the other one I made was 90% stolen) :smiley:
can make concave and convex resistor arrays :slight_smile:
if some of the hardcore CQ guys (@maui, @Rene_Poschl, @hackscribble) can go through my code it would be really nice. (pretty sure alot of it is done in a stupid and ineffecient way and I would like to improve my python/CQ skills)
I also added all the parameters to substitute the ones in the Kicad lib


All the models are solid without any issue …
Thx a lot @Shack … very good job! :smiley:

PS here a preview of a new model generated with FC CQ and a new class/library… thanks to @hackscribble

It is really amazing what FC and CQ can do! :smiley:
PR #40


Cool! Can you please check the models and make the PR? :slight_smile:


Interesting, CQ=cadquerry. Learnt something new.


CadQuery is for CAD what jQuery is for JavaScript… Nice tools they have done though