3D new library for Mechanical CAD exporting and enclosure design


ok… now we are discussion the pinmark! :smile:
How was it made? is it a subtracted sphere? or just a cylinder? :stuck_out_tongue:


Far more visible than in reality, but that is good as the rendering is informational.


quite realistic :stuck_out_tongue:


About 13 months, apparently.


PR for most DIP 3D models


Please note my comment on that PR!


latest DIP for opto-couplers W10.16


SSOP TSSOP MSOP 3D sample models PR#19

(for the full family models only dimension parameters need to be added to the scripts)


i don’t know if this was discussed here after this post… but just now i found
the Model-Licencing topic in the packages3D wiki
cool that this is solved :slight_smile:

sunny greetings stefan


all QFN DFN 3D models PR #28

Thx a lot to Frank @Shack for his great work!


Guys you are the best. These look great like always.
Also your repo cleanup looks nice. (I wish i would have time to cleanup my models aswell. But i fear this needs to wait until june.)


Hey y’all
the DFN/QFN models has now been merged into the officail library :slight_smile:
in the meantime I have made all the possible SOT parameters :slight_smile: to finish the rest I will need at least another scipt for making packages with flat pins…
this also make it possible to generate the SOD diode models. any suggestions for a script name?
the SOT parameters have been pushed to @maui and will be checked before PR’ed into the offical lib :slight_smile:
gotta say the new exclude pins option seems to work great for weird shapes like the SOT223 and SOT143 etc :slight_smile:



nice addition to the script generation code:
models can have asymmetrical pins with different pin size too!
Thx @Shack !!! :smiley:


BGA are coming to town! :slight_smile:

first model of the BGA family script generated…


Is it to keep the sizes down you only made the outer edges of the solder balls? Or is just for testing purposes? :slight_smile:


I placed the ball-pins only at the periphery of the BGA to avoid unnecessary increase in the file size dimension…
When generating 3D BGA models with hundreds of balls, file size and rendering time will increase without any advantage in mechanical nor in aesthetic point of view…
I would keep this optic for KiCad repo if this is considered a reasonable approach…
(I do this for my personal 3D repo)


Hmm in that case I’m not sure why we add the Epad :slight_smile:
I’m fine either way :slight_smile:
Can you do a quick size comparison?


Epad for QFP or QFN is just one pad, and it is nice to have with a very little file size increase, with BGA adding hundreds of balls will add much size, it will take a lot to generate the model (you need to make a union of hundreds of shapes) and it will request a longer time to render both in ECAD and in MCAD without having any benefit back IMO


3D script generators for
BGA and Molded BGA PR 31

EDIT (switched to Housing_BGA.3dshapes)


3D library is growing again! :smiley:
PR #35
all SSOP!!! (thx a lot @Shack :smiley: )

PR #34
Molex KK-6410 series (thx a lot @hackscribble )