3D new library for Mechanical CAD exporting and enclosure design


I’m not sure if v0.17 has this problem or not. (I’m not even convinced my scripts trigger this bug.)
But better save than sorry.


Good news: all my connectors are merged into the official libraries.


So I tried to find some 3D models and I stumbled upon this. It is available free-of-charge and provides access to more than 100 million CAD models and product datasheets. There are couple of categories to browse.


What license? Free of charge does not mean without restrictions.


I looked about license and didnt manage to find anything. But they say its free for design, purchasing, manufacturing and maintenance processes. :unamused:

EDIT: Users may only use the Data for the purposes of computer-aided design or viewing data.


terms and conditions of use are on their sign up page, one small section is;

Limitations of use. Users may only use the Data for the purposes of computer-aided design or viewing data. Unless Users have received prior written consent from TraceParts, they may not i) distribute the Data as part of an external service, or ii) copy or post the Data on a website, or iii) distribute the Data on any storage medium whatsoever, or iv) use the Data with the aim of competing with the Website service. In particular, Users agree to not use the Website service to:


the reason I started a kicad 3D repo almost an year and half ago, is because all the on-line libs are commercial, so they share they models only for internal use, which is fine in many cases…
But this will not allow you to share any 3d model or project to anyone…
That’s why I decided to develop my repo for STEP and WRL 3D models… to let users to share their full KiCad projects at github…
I’m really glad that KiCad finally has included STEP into their official libs…

KiCad probably will become the biggest on-line repo for 3D electronic models with the license to free share them :smiley:
And moreover the models are already aligned and checked to be compatible with KiCad footprints which is a great plus!


some QFN scripted models are now in the official repo…

for the other 75 models the script generator is fine, we need just the time of volunteering in compiling a parameter table for each model :slight_smile:

'QFN-64-1EP_9x9mm_Pitch0.5mm': Params( # 9x9, 0.5 pitch, 64 pins, 0.9mm height  QFN64 p05 microchip
    c = 0.2,        # pin thickness, body center part height
    L = 0.4,        # pin top flat part length (including fillet radius)
    fp_r = 0.3,     # first pin indicator radius
    fp_d = 0.2,     # first pin indicator distance from edge
    fp_z = 0.01,     # first pin indicator depth
    ef = 0.0, # 0.05,      # fillet of edges  Note: bigger bytes model with fillet
    cce = 0.4,      #0.45 chamfer of the epad 1st pin corner
    D = 9.0,       # body overall length
    E = 9.0,       # body overall width
    A1 = 0.02,  # body-board separation  maui to check
    A2 = 0.73,  # body height
    b = 0.25,  # pin width
    e = 0.5,  # pin (center-to-center) distance
    m = 0.0,  # margin between pins and body  
    sq = False,   # square pads
    npx = 16,  # number of pins along X axis (width)
    npy = 16,  # number of pins along y axis (length)
    epad = (7.15,7.15), # e Pad #epad = None, # e Pad
    modelName = 'QFN-64-1EP_9x9mm_Pitch0.5mm', #modelName
    rotation = -90, # rotation if required
    dest_dir_prefix = ''


I am wondering if the “pin 1 dot” could be a little bigger?
I am thinking recently I made some 3D screenshots as documentation for manual assembly a board… so it could be helpful if the “pin 1 dot” is easier eye detected.


I have been using the line above pin 1 approach, that the IPC prefer and have found the default position is too close to the pad and too thin, making it hard to see after CAM trimming has been done


This is referring to footprint and not to 3D model


Both footprint and 3D have the same issue


Not mine 3D models … Here we are talking about MCAD 3D new library
You need to load models from MCAD lib


Yes, I would like you to avoid the doing the same thing, the 4.0.6 libraries have the line too thin and too close to the masked zone


But I’m not touching footprints at all… I’m reworking only 3D models with mechanical model as source…
You need to post it to librarians (bug or feature request)


I intend to, just been a bit busy swapping parts that were fitted backwards :sob:


I enlarged pinmark size…
this dimension is not a standard among manufacturers amd generally it is quite small, but this enlarged size is
easy to catch for manual assembly and it is close to intersil pinmark ratio size :slight_smile:

(for the full family models only dimension parameters need to be added to the scripts)


Nice… looks better now. Thanks!


they have that? :open_mouth:


from intersil ds

the pinmark can be evaluated to about 0.5mm