3D new library for Mechanical CAD exporting and enclosure design


@maui @Shack

First off, thanks for the awesome work you have done so far!

I’ve been looking for TSOP2-50 model, but I’ve been unable to locate one. Since you seem proceduraly generate your models, and the similarities between TSOP and TSOP2, is there any chance you could generate one (or the whole 24,28,32,40,44,50,54,66 series) ?

I’m sure that requesting models isn’t appreciated (trust me, I’m very grateful for the work you have put in already), and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think it would be quite quick for you to do.


@slowcoder glad to know it’s being used :smiley: do you have a datasheet link? and are the footprints in the official library? If you can add the footprints Ill happily make all the models.
Or in case you would like to learn how to generate them I can help you along :slight_smile:


Thank you for getting back!

I’d love to be able to generate them myself, but I (and I know this sounds like a cop-out) simply don’t have the time. Heck, I don’t even have time to upstream the around 100 components and footprints I’ve made…

The datasheet for the component I’m using (TSOP2-50 package) can be found here: http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/198/42-45S16100H-837970.pdf
(Mechanical info on page 82)

The footprints are not in the official library, but I’ve made them and uploaded them here:
( TSOP2-44 and TSOP2-50 )

If you want to use the footprints and add them to the official library, you have my blessing.


here you go :slight_smile:
TSOP2-50.FCStd (115.4 KB)
TSOP2-50.wrl (334.5 KB)
TSOP2-50.step (1.3 MB)
in case you find time I think you should consider adding them to the official library :slight_smile:
BTW I dont mind requests for stuff I know how to make. I do it all the time (but mainly for features), worst case you get a no. But most people here are really helpful :slight_smile:


I finally got to try out Maui’s StepUp tool for FreeCad and I must say it works very well - thanks so much for the efforts! I have been testing the nightly release in a VM, and found that KiCad’s native STEP file export of a board requires that the .STEP/.STP file, not the wrl file must be specified as 3D model in KiCad, if wrl model is specified as in the repository it will not look for the step model with the same base name, and a blank board export is the result. It should have been as in StepUp which will substitute the wrl model for the STEP model. (I have made a note on Lauchpad about this). I do think the installation instructions for StepUp could be better - specify exactly which files at minimum are required to go in which folder. I found this information in a comment to a StepUp video tutorial. I was also a little confused about which program Stepup was installed for… Once known it is very simple though. Stepup also works with the 4.06 version which is another advantage although I am getting more and more tempted to use a nightly for my main installation…


@shack, thank you so much!

The models worked perfectly, and now every component on my board have a corresponding 3D model. This is largely you guys hard work that made it possible (several of your other models on there as well).

If I get some down-time, I’ll try to add my stuff to the official libraries as well. What’s the procedure? PR on Github is all that I need to do? Do all footprints need a 3D model, or is it okay with component+footprint ?


Glad it worked out :slight_smile:
The slightly tricky part of adding the footprint is it needs to follow the Kicad Library Convention or KLC

It might seen overwhelming when you try to read it but if you make a PR the automated script will guide you a bit and also the librarians will help you :slight_smile:
All footprints must reference a 3D model by the same name, but you dont need to add a model at the same time :slight_smile:


thx :smiley:

cause your not alone there, it seems I have not done a good job in documenting :stuck_out_tongue:
Would you mind to write down few simple line to explain the process from a user point of view?
I would be very glad to add those to the StepUp help :smiley:
Thx for your collaboration


I do not think I am qualified for that yet, as I am just started trying to learn FreeCad and also only installed the essential StepUp tool, not the other routines. As I am on Windows I have no idea where files are going if you are using a Linux flavor etc.

It is essential to state that the KiCad Stepup tool actually is installed for FreeCad and will import footprints, align 3D model to footprints, export STEP and WRL models and reimport freecad PCB files and allow creation of STEP models of the Pcbnew file, all from the same Stepup tool within FreeCad. (It was the latter part that I missed to begin with and was looking for a file/script that would install in KiCad).

With windows 7 only the kicad-StepUp-tools.FCMacro file is needed and copied into the …\AppData\Roaming\FreeCAD\Macro folder under the user’s home folder. Also I copied the kicad-StepUp-icon.png and kicadStepUp-starter-Guide.pdf to the same folder although strictly not needed. I used the icon for a toolbar shortcut. The manual for KiCad Stepup provides a link to the description on how to do that.

I have not even begun to look at the scripting stuff, so that is still a mystery to me.

It seems to me that FreeCad is a lot more developed than the version no. would indicate, it is already quite impressive. Against advice on the FreeCad help pages I went straight for the devloper version, 0.17. Although documentation is for ver. 0.16, some of the routines for positioning and rotating objects seem to have been radically improved, although sometimes a bit glitchy. There is also much more structure in tre-view/combo view under ver. 0.17. No need to learn old routines just to soon have to relearn it.

Regarding the theme of this thread, as I understand only the nightlies will download the STEP files to a local store. I found a lot, but it is a bit unclear to me how much of the models are now in the official repository, and how much one would need to download from separate githubs/links earlier in this thread?


Adding Stepup to the Addon manager would practically solve this :slight_smile:
or rather would solve it once 0.17 comes out :stuck_out_tongue:


The addon manager doesn’t allow to upload demo projects nor PDF manuals etc, so the actual implementation is the best IMO :stuck_out_tongue:


That is true but the manual could simply state you can find the tool in the addon manager :wink:


What it will be missing is how the library has to be configured, how the models have to be aligned to footprint, how can be used StepUp to align 3d model to footprint etc… So few lines from user point of view may help. :slight_smile:
And one not familiar with FC wouldn’t know how to use a macro when installed… many users don’t know FC at all when they start to use StepUp


0.17 would be expected to come out in 2017 if FreeCAD follows its normal habits


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I’ve been trying to find a footprint (and 3D model if possible) for a TSOP II 54-pin package. It is for a Micron SDRAM IC.

Would you be able generate these for me?

Thank you & best regards :smiley:

Edit: here is a link to the specific part:


footprint and 3D model or just one of them?


Both would be ideal, please. :slight_smile:

If I can only pick one, then the footprint.


When I looked at the page (from my Phone) i couldn’t really find any package info.
I can probably help you out, but in case you dont know how to make footprints you should definitely learn how to do it. Its really not that hard and it’s a pain not to be able to. 3D models are quite easy to make when scripted but not really as important. All in all I think you should try to make the footprint yourself (perhaps even contribute it to the official library), im case you can’t/won’t/we I might have time to do it tomorrow. But please note it’s not something Im gonna do for every footprint you’ll need :slight_smile:


Nothing like a datasheet on that page.