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You can use aligner tools … recently I’ve added this feature to Manipulator WB


What do you mean with that?

Aligner tools from Manipulator WB can help in align objects, Bodies and Parts to each others faces, edges, points.

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For aligning imported stuff yes of course. If you need that for a self made model then your design methodology might not be exactly correct.

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You can but problem is whenever you try to do anything with the sketch it pulls in all the underlying shapes from the other body instead of just doing the operation as if it was unattached new sketch.

Who is we in this case? :slight_smile: If you mean librarians, don’t worry, I’ll send PR with all the files a bit later.

users who want to learn :wink:
BTW if you link the cloned sketch with expressions to the body Placement parameters, the clone will follow also Body placement :smiley:

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7SEGMENT-LED_HDSM281B_HDSM283B_SMD.step (340.8 KB)
Avago_7segment_display_HDSM-281B.FCStd (317.5 KB)


Now we just need a version for each possible display character showing … :scream::scream::wink:


But what about e.g. OLED displays? We really need every possible pixel combination. Maybe 3D models should be programmable.


I want mine to scroll. :wink:


Think about the possibilities if this would be combined to ngspice modeling. When the component reaches its limits it pushes out smoke.

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Don’t forget different models for the different colors available… :wink:

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Hey, if EveryCircuit can do this, why can’t KiCad? I mean, because they do the same thing, they should be the same program… Right?

(Ok… maybe not.) :rofl:

Most SPICE models don’t include voltage breakdown or package thermal behaviour so no smoke.

Relay_SPDT_Omron-G5LE-1.wrl (39.4 KB)
Relay_SPDT_Omron-G5LE-1.step (96.0 KB)
Omron_STDP_relay_G5LE-1.FCStd (92.6 KB)


@qu1ck These are AMAZING additions to my KiCad Project.

Thank you for spending the time to help me out.
I hope that this earns you a few more karma points!

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What model? What do you mean by “get to” - “how to find and download” or “how to make such model”?

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