3D Model of CPC 1017N

The good news is that this is the last important one for me to ask for help finding. The bad news is that I actually have a second part that would be really nice if I could get help with that one also.

So on with it, I need help finding or creating a model for this:

Digikey CPC1017N

Thanks in advance.

Looks similar to SO-4 that i designed for the ASSR-1218 solid state relay.
SO-4.fcstd (121.7 KB)

I don’t have the wrl and step file on this pc. (And only freecad 16 which has a nasty bug for exporting step files.)
You should be able to simply export it with stepup.


I would recommend using the GW model generator.

If you dont know how to use it I can make one for you :slight_smile: especially if you can make sure the footprint is added the official repo :slight_smile:

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I will open the pull request for the footprint shortly.

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I had a closer look at the datasheet of the CPC 1017N and my ASSR solid state relay.
The packages are slightly different.
(Assr has a body size of 4.4x4.3mm wheras the CPC has a body size of 3.8x4.1mm)
I will make a footprint for both. (It seems the CPC device does not use a standard package)

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Sounds good, give me a heads up if you want me to make the 3D models

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I’m not sure about the naming of the CPC footprint yet. (It is not reverenced as SO-4 in the datasheet but it is very similar to it. I think i will name it IXYS_CPC1017N but i will ask in the PR how it should be named.)

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Footprint pull request opened.

Now it is your turn :wink:

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Looks good, is the name settled? :slight_smile:

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I think we should wait for oliver to give a statement on that.


Thought I’d seen that one before…

OptoMOS.lib (2.6 KB)

SOIC_4_2.54_Wb3.9_Wp6.stp (440.4 KB)

SOIC-4-2.54-Wb3.9-Wp6.kicad_mod (1.9 KB)

The CPC device is a simple SOIC 4 with 2.54 mm pin spacing instead of the normal 1.27 mm.
Don’t make the world more complex than necessary :wink:

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I found that out already. (See my pull request.)

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I am about done with what I need help doing. I’d enjoy helping myself and others to get more done.

The “step-by-step” to get STARTED is mostly what I need.

And, I do mean, “step by step”. Once the basics are confirmed, I can usually extrapolate from that.

Help me draw a rectangle resistor chip resistor without the end pads. Help me add the end pads. Then help me to create a SOT-23 3 pin part and I can probably figure how to do everything else.

You can PM me, I’m almost ready to start learning a LOT more.


Please note of all this is done in the generator, you just need to put in the parameters and generate :slight_smile:

Everything you need to use the scripts can be found here:

Simply install freecad and the cadquery model and start coding.

As soon as you understand how to create a model you only need to copy one of our models and have a look how we use the framework by @maui to export wrl files and the freecad internal routines to export step. (And how we add color to the models. Another point is how we add the license as comments into the wrl and step files.)

In my models (example jst-xh) i have a clear separation between the creation of the models and the export part.
The models are created in the cq_models sub directory. (the *_models.py files can be opened in the freecad cadquery workbench.) In the generator script there is the export_one_part function which handles the export part.

Everything around that is just handling of multiple models.
(The parameters are under the cq_models directory. My generator cycles through all of these parameter elements and even through multiple generator script files.)
Scripting only makes sense for creating a complete series of models. Single models are better created in freecad.

Ok the name is fixed now. (I seem to have missed olivers answer.)
We now have two very similar footprints in different libs. (I can’t get my head around the differences between the soic and ssop libs.)
For the CPC 1017N the footprint will be:

New pull request: https://github.com/KiCad/Housings_SSOP.pretty/pull/35


Cool, Ill add the 3D models :slight_smile:



I am a NEWB when it comes to GitHub. I had to wait till it was officially uploaded, which today, I see that is has been!


All KiCad does is draw lines. So, it would seem this would be a pretty simple program to use. Well, I manage to screw up lines on a regular basis.

After downloading this and updating my board, I could see that the pads on my board were not spaced properly. I actually do have 3 prototype boards, and while soldering, I noticed the pads seemed a bit to close inwards. I’m really unsure of how that happened, because I did check the number specifications on the pads several times.

Only slightly negative comment I have is that the DataSheet shows rounded rectangle pads, whereas the image above shows square pads.

I really need to have a time machine so I can have the time to learn how to do these myself.

But, really, I can’t say, “THANKS!” enough times. The 3D viewer seemed like a bit of a gimmick to start with, but as this gets better and better I think it will be a good way to catch issues that the 2D just doesn’t show.