3D Model of CPC 1017N


We can not use rounded rectangles in the official lib. Kicad stable does not support them. As soon as v5 is released we will start to convert footprints to use rounded rectangles. (Where appropriate.)


The KLC allows for some deviation, and the DataSheet has specified rounded pads.

Digikey currently has 160K+ of these in stock and ready to ship; for this one current rating.

Lots, and lots, and lots, of them…

The question then becomes, should the KLC accept new designs that the nighties are expected to handle instead of just rejecting them outright?

Since I created my own footprint for this part, I have no dog in this fight. My comments are meant for discussion only.

I’ve got my rounded footprint for the part; I’ve got my 3D modeled part; I’m a happy camper; THANKS to everyone that helped!


You just need oval smd pads, not rounded corners pads.
This is absolutely possible with KiCad stable release.


That’s an easy question, NO.