35c3: new year, new congress

As last year (34c3, who is attending?) I will attend this year again at the 35c3 in Leipzig, Germany.

I would be happy to do a KiCad Meetup again (hopefully with more than 3 people in sum this time :wink:). I would be open for a KiCad workshop as well.

Furthermore, I’m currently thinking to print some KiCad stickers. Design ideas are welcome.


I’ll be there, and I plan to be somewhat less confused about meeting times this year.

“Choose your side…
and stick to it.”

good idea, but I would like to only print one variant due to costs. (Unless I start a kickstarter campaign with goals now ^^)

Stickers arived. I choosed the simple design:)


It seems I will organize a KiCad beginner workshop with some help :slight_smile:


Anybody which is physical at the congress is invited to come.


I’ll stop by for the workshop then and might grab a sticker :wink:

There was also a talk heavily KiCad centric (did not see it yet, will look into it soon) with a bit of KiCad stuff:

Artistic PCB Design and Fabrication

(Artistic PCB Design and Fabrication)

Was there and advertised the Workshop…

Hi Pointhi, is it possible to record this workshop and share it? Unfortunately i can´t be in Leipzig but i am shure that i am at the Camp next year.

Workshop worked out quite nice yesterday. >100 People attended

From what we found out:

  • 1-2 helpers are enough to support the lecturer with solving personal setup-issues of >100 peoples
  • there is enough interest to think about doing such a workshop next year again. But think about power supply for beamer beforehand :sweat_smile:
  • we should think a bit more about the workflow. 2h was a bit long for some of the people and we showed way to many ways to solve the same issue. We should focus on the main task.
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I am here! Based at the Open Science Hardware assembly this year. Come by and check out 3d printed microscopes and other projects.


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