34c3, who is attending?

I will attend the chaos communication congress for the 3rd time, and also planned to do some lightning talk about the KiCad library development:


I’m wondering if there is some interest about a KiCad meetup, and if some other maintainers also attending this year :slight_smile:.

In Germany? :slight_smile: could be very interesting :slight_smile:

Edit: noticed it’s in 3 days :slight_smile: thought it would be sometime in the upcoming year

if you are interested, the FOSDEM next year has some more KiCad related content. I will also try to attend this time.

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Hey, would be great to meet some other KiCAD people at the congress!

I will be there. You should be able to find me most of the time at the FlyingObjects, Sigrok and OpenFPGA assemblies. :slight_smile:

Not sure if my DECT will work but BITS is the number I reserved.

See you there!

I’ll be there and am up for a meetup. I’ll be giving a short talk on Friday on things like PHDL, @devbisme’s SKiDL and also PyCircuit.

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I’m also there.

We could probably meet at the Tea House after @kasbah’s talk, there is an empty spot in their schedule there still.

@GyrosGeier, sounds like a good idea.

Yes, sounds good @GyrosGeier !

Please post your slides (or whatever) after your talk. I’d like to see what others are doing.

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I am here with Elliot from HaD, we made a sign.

I’m standing with a red jacket in Front oft the teahouse

Here is the recording. Very interested in any corrections or omissions and dicussing the topic in general.

@pointhi Was nice to meet you. Look forward to your lightning-talk on KiCad libraries tomorrow (which non-attendees can try and catch on the livestream at 11:50 CET).

Thanks for the link. I didn’t see any errors. Omissions, possibly, since you only had 20 minutes. Overall, looked very good!

I also finished my talk :sweat_smile:

Nice talk @pointhi. I managed to catch it! You should link the video as well when it’s up.

My talk: https://media.ccc.de/v/34c3-9258-lightning_talks_day_4#t=1150

I also generated some graphs, but because I thought there is not enough time, I didn’t add them to the presentation. Actually, the history is going back until 2008 for the kicad-library repository. For footprints, the distributed approach with the big number of repositories makes graph generation pretty hard, so they are not included.