1 sided auto-routing in kicad

*well i want to make a pcb for my semester project, Tic Tac Toe using logic gates…
*i had made the schematics… since my circuit includes many ICs about 35 or more… so i have to
auto-route but problem is that i want to do 1-sided auto-routing, as i also will further manufacture the
*i had design simple pcbs earlier using manual routing. but this time i have to auto-route due to
presence of many ICs. is there any-way for 1 sided auto-routing… i have learnt that Kicad usually do 2 sided routing…

Since you asked for my input in another thread I added it there because I really have nothing new to add since I don’t use auto routing. You can turn off layers in Kicad. I’d suggest that you do that and see what happens. I don’t know if the Freeroute plugin recognizes that or if there is a setting in it you can use.

You mean freeroute don’t you?


sigh, adding periods meets the 20 character limit but now it complains the body is unclear…

i had divided my circuits into 4 parts… but still it has become very difficult to manually route the logic gate ics… any suggestions and advises to route the logic gates… (i am trying to do 1 sided routing)

Without more information we really can not give specific guidance.

Play around with component placement and pin assignment to limit track crossings.
Add jumper components where necessary.

But a more general point: If your design is more complex then a few parts then switch to double sided. Buying single sided is in no way cheaper than double sided.
Home producing double sided is possible. Admittedly it is harder than single sided because you need to align the top and bottom “masks”.

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If you would like, perhaps you can post your current layout?

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Tic Tac Toe.pdf (56.4 KB)

1st partTic Tac Toe.sch (25.7 KB)

double sided will become more difficult for me…

complete circuit is stretched on 4 parts… already many jumpers had been used

What I meant was we would like to see the circuit board layout. Sometimes chip selection may come into play. Also, if you make the board yourself, what is the largest size you can get your hands on? Sometimes having more space to play with makes it easier.

this is semester project and it does not matter how big your size is…

i was designing pcb… was frustrated and close the pcb without saving it…

but i can tell that there is no space for output of gates…

Making a logic board actually work properly on single sided is not easy. Modern logic chips have much faster edges than before and will suffer from ground bounce.

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Would a proto board be a better choice since this is a one off?

Your circuit is missing decouple caps for every IC.
And you might get problems with switch bouncing:

Still convinced single sided is a good idea?
It will get very hard for you to get a clean ground without dual layer. (Even dual layer will be hard enough.)

Why are you using a local label to connect stuff to GND instead of using the power symbol multiple times?

You trust in hidden power pins for gnd/vcc connection. Make sure they are connected for every IC.

it will be difficult to sold over 35 ics and make connection without any mistake using veroboard.

i know about the error caused by momentary voltage…and was thinking to use 10uF capacitor across resistor in each push button…

ok. but is it possible to 2-sided pcb in home… i didn’t know anything about vias.

next time i will use Power symbols multiple times.

hidden pwr pins are gnd/vcc . i had checked them.

Harder than designing the board and ensuring it is mistake free? :wink: Veroboard would be easier to rework.

Also, what is the due date? You say semester project? If current you will be a little rushed time wise anyhow. If not, All PCB is doing 10 10cm x10cm double sided boards for $5 delivered by DHL. Lead time would be an issue perhaps. Some people are claiming to have the boards in 9/10 days. I’ll let you do the search instead of providing a link since we don’t want to directly promote the service.

Definitely. Might need a few tries to get the alignment right. Just make sure all your through hole pads and vias have a large enough annular ring to make drilling and alignment easier.

For connecting the vias the cheapest option is to use a thin wire and solder it on both sides:

ok, tomorrow, i will talk to my supervisor.

i like the idea of making double layer pcb…

will tell you and show you the pcb design for that.

3 weeks …

ordering will be…
very long process… and i had no account for that also…