1 sided auto-routing in kicad

If you have access to a CNC machine one thing that can help with alignment of home etched boards is to drill the holes the first. But honestly I don’t see why anyone etches boards at home anymore, that materials usually cost more than getting a few boards made.

Students typically start way to late to be able to afford delivery times of the cheaper fabs.

I guess it depends on country for the free DHL delivery? The machining idea is good if your school is so equipped. If not, is there a local trade school? They might find it an interesting variation on the normal curriculum.

The simplest way is to use a prototyping board like the “777” in this link
The ICs are soldered in rows, straddling the long tracks for power and ground. Then hand wire the logic pad to pad.
From the top the board will look neat.


Fill the component side with copper and give it a unique net name.

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well i asked a china company through a “Link” to design pcb and in spite of the “link” they will design two Pcs of my circuit and it will cost 60$, which is a huge amount for me. So i am backing out of my project. thanks for your comments and time here.

Hi ashan951. I came across your efforts when trying to do single sided board (with jumpers on one side). I know that it is more convenient to send to an external service doing double sided with vias but for a quick (and dirty) solution I want to to have your opinion from you. Did you make any progress and finally you have a working solution?.
Kicad makes only vias that some times are buried in places tha jumpers are impossible to place.
Off cource I can move everything manually and put vias in a more convenient place but I am wondering if it is an auto-routing solution for automatically placing jumpers on one side and signals on the other.
Thanks a lot in advance