Zones suddenly look like a mess of thick outlines

Someone help!
I have been successfully using layout for several projects now…several yrs…
Tonight, I spent 3 hrs to fix a part of the layout. I have several copper areas… When I started fixing /updating another part of the layout, I noticed all copper area becoming just screwed up outlines with thick lines!
Several attempts faile dto producxe correct copper zone …lost all the work because I thought by “discard changes” & reopening the file again would get me back to where I had last saved when everything was ok.
But no, all copper areas are completely screwed up. Even in the last saved version.
Even if draw a new one, ,it looks totally screwed up…
Any one knows what I would have done wrong while updating …I redrew edge-cuts, made some changes in the flex section of the design etc…but such changes before had gone on well in other projects…
Any help will be highly appreciated.

Which version of Kicad? Which OS? Can you post a screen shot of what you are talking about?

You don’t have backups from the projects? I do not know kicad well enough but at least some files have also an previous version in bak files? Did you try to use those to replace the original ones? And I am also sure are the projectname-cache.lib and fp-info-cache needed?

Look in the left toolbar. Kicad can display zones in different modes. One of them is as a filled area, one shows only the outline you drew and one shows the outlines of the resulting zone polygon. (You selected the later.)


Thanks Rene.
In depth of panic, I lost sight of all.
Yes, somehow that button got “activated”.
Upon clicking it again- this morning , now, I get back the zones in filled mode.
Thank much.

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