Zones out of date - what is the trigger

Anyone knows what is the trigger for the “Zones out of date” warning?
There are times when I open my project to generate some documentation (i.e. plots for Assembly drawing) and PCBNew asks for zones rebuild.
Is it only timestamp based, or are there any “Dirty bits” that will internally indicate Zone refill pending?
Personally I don’t like updates for the projects where I don’t make any changes. I know I can always reject such request, but in the back of my head there will be question if there was some (even unintentional) change to the project as the message is not always there.

A DRC check forces a refill

Yes, I know that and I even use DRC instead of zone refill, even if all I want is the refill.
However what I mean is the message prompting for zones refill when trying to export gerbers.
No DRC run, changes to the layout. Just open file and export gerbers.
There’s a brief window stating that “Checking fills” and then messagebox with “Zone fills are out of date”.

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