Zone won't fill in PCB editor?

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Hello, I am trying to make a PCB that has copper-zones on both sided connected by vias. The draw a zone outline around the whole PCB and tried to fill it, but is won’t. I have looked at other forum posts on this and none of the solutions that they that they recommended worked.


The zone’s net is “Touch” for sure?

@straubm, yes. By the way, it fills when is in not connected to any nets, but I need it to connect to the vias.

There has to be a pad in the zone. Vias do not cause zone filling.

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The zone area is considered isolated because it doesn’t connect to any pads (vias are not pads). If you place some actual footprints on the board with the net Touch, it will fill. You can also set the island removal behavior to “never” in the zone properties.

As you wouldn’t want components in the touch area (I assume it is a touch key), make a footprint containing a pad of the desired area’s size.

Or you could add “testpoints” to you schematic like so


assign the footprint “Wire_Pads:SolderWirePad_Single_0-8mmDrill” to it and after placing it on the board edit it to solid zone connection.


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