Zone outline and board outline

From a manufacturer I heard that one needs to have a spacing of 0.3mm between the board outline and the copper area. In my Kicad PCB design, I draw a board outline and then draw a GND zone outline that overlaps the board outline. The zone area has a clearance of 0.4mm. Would this design satisfy the requirement on the spacing? Or would I have to make the GND zone area smaller than the board outline?

I think it is OK.
But to be sure, generate the gerber files and measure the distance from the gnd outline and the center of the edge of the board.

the default zone-clearance seems to be 0.508mm ? I’ve never touched that setting and never had issues with any boardhouse (I’ve used maybe 3-4 different ones)

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I don’t know the default but past conversations seemed to think it was pretty generous if I’m remembering correctly.

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