Zigzag tracks and Miter length


How can I create this zigzag track in KiCAD:

and also how can I control the length of mitered 45 angles instead of tuning them manually, this “miter” question has nothing to do with zigzag tracks above:


Screenshot tells it all… You’ll need to be accurate with track dims - I didn’t fuss about it for the example. The miters can set and constrained… I’ll let you figure out how/where to set it. And, you’ll need to figure out the Array parameters by playing with it…


The length tuning tool can do this. Either curvy of Mitre.

If you want Miter of curvy, just set the Mitre radius to say… 20%


1 down, 1 to go (mitering)

where can I find this dialogue, track length tuning?

Menu Route->Tune Track Length.

I still don’t understand how I can modify these miters using this tool, please look at this image:

The “tune track lengths” tool is for laying out traces with matched lengths (e.g. for high speed interfaces like DDR memories). Judging from your latest screenshot, you’re looking for a tool that will automatically add miters to ugly routed traces. There’s no such tool in KiCad (yet), although you could enable the ‘remove loops’ option in the Interactive Routing settings and reroute the corners in a few clicks…


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